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he Bio-FUT process starts with applying anesthesia using Rejoice™ Near Zero Pain. This makes the procedure almost painless. We then extract a strip from the donor area (side and back of your head).


Follicular Unit Extraction is a new technique in hair transplant world. We use a refined method of FUE at Rejoice™ called Direct-FUE. In this technique we pick and transplant individual follicular units, one-by-one.


Direct Body Hair Transplant or Direct-BHT is one of our special techniques. In development of Direct-BHT, we worked on generic FUE and improved it. In this technique we use body hair in combination with scalp hair in transplant.


Scalp Micro-Pigmentation or SMP is a creative technique to mask your bald area. In this technique, we use organic tattoo pigments to mimic individual hair follicles. This gives you an appearance of close shaved head.

India Hair Loss Clinic Doctors

Dr. Shankar Sawant M.B.B.S & M.D. Dermatology Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Anurag M.B.B.S & M.D. Dermatology
Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Ashok Sinha M.B.B.S Trichologist Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Satyajeet Dinkar Kangle M.D. Dermatology, DDV Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Kiran Sawant M.D.S F.H.T Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Ganesh Avhad M.D. & D.N.B, Laser at AIIMS Hair Transplant Surgeon

Why Choose Us?

  • We do ALL TECHNIQUES of transplant.
  • We charge less without compromise in result.
  • Only clinic where we do DIRECT BODY HAIR TRANSPLANT.
  • Doctors are qualified and experienced.
  • We use all modern n state of art equipments.
  • More than 5000 successful transplant since 2007
  • We follow all international standard of transplant.
  • Consultation to completion by doctors
  • Keep innovating to improve result.

We Follow All International Standards

  • We calculate cost per graft not per hair which is cheaper.
  • Store graft in BCEB FLUID.
  • One hour extraction one hour implantation technique.
  • Optimum density for best growth.
  • International formula for hair line restoration.
  • British grid for measurment of number of graft requirement.
  • German trichoscan for measuring quality n thickness of hair.
  • Consultation to completion by doctors.
  • Korean implanters for implantation.

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